Fuji Seiko attaches great importance to the elevator installation maintenance and protects the safe

After nineteen "manufacturing power, advanced manufacturing and other words become the focus of hot industry, China manufacturing in the rapid development of China economy, let this era become impetuous panic, become money temptation. But it is also a encourage the creation of era, is also a respect for the era of originality. Fuji Seiko elevator, with its solid pace and steady layout, constantly improves the competitiveness of the elevator maintenance market by using high quality service, excellent technology and strong supporting services. Because we firmly believe in the spirit of "craftsmen" who is strives for perfection, believing that the ultimate, dedicated, rigorous and innovative must be an important force to promote our industry and social progress.

01, perfect elevator installation system

Fuji Seiko elevator has experienced professional elevator team and specialized elevator training system. Since 2012, we have continued to cooperate with the leading enterprises in the real estate industry, and have won the same praise from these heavyweight customers. Today, Seiko Fuji has been in the country to establish a new elevator maintenance system, the scheme of international maintenance team management in the branch of the country, the modernization of technical means of information into the daily operation system; Seiko Fuji elevator maintenance team to prudent service concept to the national and industry promotion, and continuously improve each elevator installation and maintenance efficiency, the company will constantly improve the maintenance team combination of hard and soft power to enhance the core competitive ability, to update, faster and stronger professional ability, to bring customers more suitable, more perfect elevator installation solutions.

02, fine maintenance system

Seiko Fuji in all parts of the country to the 4S shop design hundreds of elevator maintenance service site, has a mature and stable customer service maintenance system, in the daily maintenance, 4S shop form greatly shorten the service radius, while the maintenance personnel equipped with special engineering vehicle, ensure that the half hours fault site opened; the 24 hour service hotline, in order to provide convenient and high-quality service; sufficient parts library, provide lift parts for customers, timely and quickly resolve customer elevator failure, to ensure customer's production and living needs; perfect training system: after a long lasting and professional skills, knowledge of maintenance staff service concept, training system, so that employees can improve the elevator in the process of using the known faults and solutions, fast Troubleshooting.

The safety and reliability of the elevator is the most important for the user, the user of the equipment Seiko Fuji always put safety in the maintenance of the first; for users to really feel the safe operation and use of the elevator, Seiko Fuji will not only outside of the fault handling of the elevator, the company also introduced a comprehensive maintenance, preventive maintenance and plan regular maintenance etc..

Overall maintenance: it means that Fuji Seiko has planned, comprehensive, continuous, standardized maintenance and various repair work for every factory elevator.

Preventive maintenance: is every half a month through the routine maintenance, maintenance, adjustment, lubrication plan to ensure the elevator parts running in the virtuous cycle of the state, prolong the working life of the parts, and the replacement of worn parts to prevent failure, save repair costs, reduce the failure rate, so as to avoid these faults caused by the stop of personal and property ladder and the loss of people.

Regular and periodic inspection: refers to the addition to the implementation of the planned preventive maintenance, comprehensive, Seiko Fuji will strictly enforce the routine quality safety inspection program regularly, every year for users of the elevator safety and quality checks thoroughly, the implementation of strict examination and uniform standards, to ensure safety and quality reached the national standard equipment.

The picture shows that the elevator maintenance personnel are installing the elevator site

In addition, in order to enable customers to lift smoothly through the local technical supervision department of the annual inspection, annual inspection before Seiko Fuji will send a professional inspection responsible person to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the equipment, inform the customer beyond the scope of the contract required for repair, replacement of the project, and ultimately assist technical department for inspection.


Seiko Fuji hope with their investment in the maintenance of the extreme, in exchange for the customer in the elevator's safety and comfort, and market reputation and industry recognition, with the quality to win the trust of customers, to win the honor, through quality service and customer service won the majority of users of elevator installation won the trust and praise, the future will establish a set of improve the reliability of the management system, to provide quality and efficient services for the general customer service elevator users, in the hope that Fuji precision elevator professional service, make customer to ensure the safe, carefree, comfortable use elevator.

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