C2M model to open up new retail way | Seiko Fuji Henan Branch Grand Opening

On the morning of December 16, 2017, the opening ceremony of Suzhou Fuji Seiko Elevator Co., Ltd. Henan branch was held in the Zheng Fei Kokusai Hotel in Henan. Chairman and CEO Xu Li Hui, Wang Leyi, general manager of Henan branch, Yuan Jiang and other leaders of Henan special equipment safety inspection institute attended the opening ceremony and ribbon cutting ceremony. The opening ceremony attracted many guests, including Henan commercial real estate and partners.

Henan branch opens the guest house

Henan branch opening ceremony

On the opening ceremony, Mr. Xu Lihui, chairman and CEO of Suzhou Seiko Elevator Co., Ltd., delivered a speech. He shared the psychological experience of Fuji Seiko in the elevator industry in China for more than ten years, and carried out a comprehensive interpretation of Fuji's Seiko in Henan's future strategic plan.

Mr. Xu Lihui, chairman of Fuji Seiko and Mr. Xu Lihui, delivered a speech

Under the impact of new retail and mobile Internet, the boundary of future online and offline will be increasingly blurred. Any industry or any enterprise can't live alone without relying on the original business mode, only by changing the original business mode and service concept. Xu Li Hui stressed the importance of opening Henan branch to the reform of the traditional elevator industry.

C2M model opens the way to new retail

"Industrial 4, C2M, O2O, Internet plus, new retail", when the new term was again referred to the Internet to reform the traditional manufacturing industry, in fact, Seiko Fuji early in 2012 was done. In 2012, Fuji opened the 4S Seiko elevator elevator maintenance shop sales model, through stores in the country to establish the line, combined with the Internet 3D panorama car system, so that customers can in any country branch stores can complete the real product experience, visit and exchange in the branches by Seiko Fuji self-developed software to complete the private customize the exclusive, and through the factory strong production capability and IT technology perfect fusion. The design of the different dimensions of the elevator and the upholstery of the car can be accomplished easily by the intelligent system. Fuji Seiko successfully completed the transformation from the traditional research and development, all production design people only participate in it, not the dominant, this is the so-called C2M model. The production process and IT technology perfect factory high standard fusion formed the core of highly intelligent manufacturing, and the use of Fuji branch Seiko model in the high coverage of 4S, which can give our customers a new line of custom elevator experience space, so that our customers are no longer curing mode "buyers" it is elevator manufacturing participants and designers. This is the major innovation made by Fuji Seiko using the C2M model to get through the new retail Road and in the traditional inherent sales model.

Whether it's C2M or new retail, it's just a small step out of Fuji's Seiko's new retail model. Because we know that the leading mode, the leading technology and standard lead is only temporary, the real advantage is Fuji Seiko in the future will pay more attention to upgrade the brand, through more sophisticated services, sophisticated products to enhance every customer of Fuji Seiko product experience, let go of the Seiko Fuji farther.