Fuji Seiko and Paul Holdings Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement

Recently, Suzhou Fuji Seiko Elevator Co., Ltd. has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Bao holding group, and formally established a long-term strategic partnership of development across the industry. The two sides will be in the real estate industry, intelligent manufacturing, international trade and other aspects to carry out all-round strategic cooperation, realize benign development of the downstream industry chain, the formation of Paul set holding group real estate development industry and elevator intelligent manufacturing megamerger.

Shanghai boill (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996, headquartered in Shanghai, is a company with the main business of real estate development, real estate development, international trade, financial investment, industrial investment, asset management as a whole, diversified large-scale enterprise group has nearly 40 wholly-owned subsidiaries in the world.

Over the past ten years, Bao group has adhered to the "quality of life" mission in the real estate development, determined to become China's most trusted residential service operators. Customer oriented, mature product lines and product standards have been established, and a perfect design, engineering, cost, marketing, planning operation, customer service and other systems have been established. Through unremitting efforts and accumulation, the insurance industry has gradually developed into a city operator with a combination of industry and finance, and the combination of industry and city.

This cooperation agreement between the two sides in the same conditions, priority selection of other products and services, and promised to provide high quality and favorable service for each other; on the other side as a strategic partner, the effective use of the advantages of regional resources, discuss and carry out extensive business cooperation.