Fuji Seiko elevator unveiled at 2017 Iran Tehran elevator and escalator Exhibition

July 10, 2017 to 13, Iran Tehran elevator and escalator exhibition held in Iran Exhibition Center, Iran, Tehran and the Middle East Iran Elevator Exhibition is a international influential international elevator industry event, the exhibition covers a variety of elevator technology, machine parts, elevator elevator parking equipment, new technology products and related industries, Fuji fusijg elevator at home and abroad as a high visibility of the elevator brand was invited to attend the exhibition.

Fuji Seiko elevator through in-depth exchanges with customers from all over the world, to show the brand value and technical strength of the company, effectively enhance the Fuji Seiko brand reputation in the international market, visibility. In the future, Fuji Seiko elevator will continue to uphold the "excellence, the pursuit of excellence" brand core concept, is committed to providing customers with the world's most security, comfort elevator.

The exhibition is also Fuji elevator response "Seiko Belt and Road Initiative" strategy to actively go abroad to participate in international competition in a "sword action", is also the Fuji advanced technology in a precision elevator all-round and three-dimensional display of international stage, allow the company to further internationalization!