To win the big one Seiko Fuji elevator on what was the "Fortune magazine" respected international co

Honeywell International

Honeywell international, he was in the U. S. "fortune" magazine as one of the most respected 20 high-tech enterprises, is an international engaged in automation products development and production company, is a company with sales of $33 billion 370 million, leading the world in diversified technology and manufacturing multinational companies, ranked 280 the top 500 in the world. In June 7, 2017, the Fortune 500 list was released in 2017, and Honeywell ranked seventy-third.

▲ Honeywell

Not long ago, the international big coffee company and Suzhou Fuji Seiko Elevator Co., Ltd. signed a large order in China's domestic projects, which is the first comprehensive cooperation between Fuji Seiko elevator and the world's top 500.

"The Belt and Road" policy oriented

Seiko Fuji in recent years with the nation "The Belt and Road" policy oriented, deepening cooperation and international cooperation in foreign enterprises, not only has accumulated rich experience, at the same time with the "experience" the Seiko Fuji in product quality, continuous innovation ability, upgrading, Seiko makes Fuji have the ability in cooperation with the world's top 500 enterprises, is the international brand, technology and capital operation in many ways to extend learning.

"The Belt and Road" policy deepening

In cooperation with the world's top 500 is an example of our study, whether from the form and scale of cooperation, their innovation in the concept of cooperation, innovation and cooperation model, and the pursuit of technology, can give us as partners to bring new ideas to change and not the same. Thanks to the government "China Belt and Road Initiative" policy call, so we have to stand in the international arena, we will continue to follow the national strategy, seize the opportunity, the courage to explore and practice, and strive to be "The Belt and Road" policy deepening, so that enterprises in the internationalization of the road to strive for further improvement.