Harvest global mainstream media like Fuji | Seiko, because of deepening the "Belt and Road Initiativ

"Belt and Road Initiative" with President Xi Jinping at the core of leadership, take the initiative to deal with the profound changes in the global situation, two domestic and international situations, make important strategic decisions, to further expand the China pattern of opening up and promoting regional economic prosperity, and promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, has an important strategic significance. Seiko Fuji elevator has always been to serve the national strategic mission to "The Belt and Road" strategic opportunity, outstanding service focus, and actively explore overseas projects, push forward the internationalization development strategy, "The Belt and Road construction to the depth. Seiko Fuji to "go out", deepen the service innovation as the guide and foreign customers to establish a deep cooperation, as of press time ago, Fuji Seiko 2017 overseas new development projects have been more than 100, including "The Belt and Road" national project is more than 20.

At the same time, Fuji Seiko in March 2017 to July showed two consecutive International Elevator Exhibition, is subject to the domestic and foreign mainstream media competing reports and praise!

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