Fuji Seiko deepen lean management, condensing positive energy development

In August 2017, Seiko Fuji in order to further standardize the work of the company in order to carry out the lean management, improve staff awareness, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, the company held a middle management "to deepen the lean management work conference".

At the meeting, the general manager Xu Hui made a review of the development in the first half of the year. He pointed out that the company is in a period of rapid development, and all of our managers should keep pace with the pace of the company and keep pace with the times. We want to take this opportunity, unity of thinking, raise awareness, with higher standards, more careful thinking, combed their focus and key points, refine the implementation of the program, do in place, put in place, check in place, supervision in place, assessment in place to work to ensure that the lean management work to achieve tangible results.

▲Working conference on deepening lean management

Enterprise lean management is a kind of consciousness, an idea, a kind of earnest attitude, a kind of excelsior culture. Is to make the enterprise's strategic planning can effectively implement each link and play a role in the process, but also to enhance the overall implementation of an important ability of the enterprise.

Fuji Seiko through this lean management to enhance the overall consciousness of the staff, so that the company's employees to higher standards, higher requirements, enhance work execution, and accelerate the promotion of enterprise operation efficiency.