Seiko Fuji second half full customer orders, reminders, workshop busy

June 2017 summer so far, Seiko Fuji elevator production followed orders, market orders in short supply. In order to meet the customer order requirements, and at the same time, according to the point for customer supply, the company staff overtime work schedule, workshop busy faction. Today, Xiao Bian brings you into Fuji Seiko production workshop and delivery scene, feeling the busy scene from the production line.

According to the workshop monitor: "the first half of this year since the approval of the company in the overseas market, the second half of the company's overseas orders explosive growth, some from Turkey and Iran in order to arrange for the delivery time is tight, at present these days we each machine equipment are in high strength work, but we have to do all ready, and last year the company also introduced a new robot production line in large quantities, it also reduces our production pressure to a certain extent."

▲Production workshop

Although the production pressure is great, but the enterprise staff's production enthusiasm is very high, this stems from the enterprise staff to feel the enterprise performance strong growth joyful mood.

▲Delivery scene

A staff of more than 10 years old staff said in an interview, the workshop orders growth this year at least 30% than last year, and now basically every day is very busy, but it also shows that our product is good, good business benefits, only good enterprise, our employees can be better, but now it is busy, but in the intelligent production line imported help, our efficiency is several times before. He said, in the more than ten years of this work, he witnessed the great changes in the scale of production of the company, he also said that has been full of confidence in Fuji seiko.