He is the green price of thirty million villa standard, customer point praise, this is the elevator

In June 2017, Fuji seiko successfully moved into the pure villa community of greenfield George manor, providing a unique ride for the customers of pure shu community. Green space, George is the only of shushan south hefei city mountain zhuang luxury area, each building green George manor with world-class Italian neoclassical building quality, told the most honourable life artistic conception, price level in thirty million.

As the only city in hefei, the greenfield George estate, with the best water in the southern foot of the great shu mountain, faces the green lung of 566 hectares, with the highest shape and height of the world. Pure oxygen source, and the cultivation of human heart; Fresh ecology, the life of the half mountain, the achievement of the unique ecological half - mountain mansion.

Return to life China's third generation luxury house model value

It occupies the south of shushan and enjoys the best feng shui location in the city. Ten minutes ago, I didn't care about my identity. Ten minutes later, he was in his career center, making decisions about the direction of his empire.

There are only four seats in the honor

As Yama Minamichi's ultra low density pure villa community, each building of Greenland George manor is the world class Italian style neoclassical architectural quality, describes the most noble life mood. Among them, the most beautiful one of the ten thousand families in the manor life aesthetics.

Fuji Seiko luxury villa elevator

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Wide selection of car design

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Fuji Seiko sedan's unique flavor

Customized, different styles of space

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European style wind design

Such decorations give people a noble, luxurious, atmospheric feeling, but also focus on European style romantic feelings, such products in the design will consider a kind of elegant temperament and quality of life.

Chinese style design

Such style in the decoration into the Chinese and modern elements, mostly simple, simple, elegant style, rich cultural connotations, reflecting the solemn and elegant dual temperament.

Modern wind design

This kind of style is to combine all kinds of style elements in primary and secondary, make full use of space form and materials, create personalized car decoration.

Mashup design

This kind of style pays great attention to the spatial layout and the use function perfect union, does not need the tedious decoration and excessively many decorations, satisfies people to the space environment perceptual, the instinct and the rational demand.

Superior performance

A digital control system with ease and ability

The microcomputer processing control system adopts the advanced Seiko Fuji household elevator, has the advantages of high integration, fast response, short time advantage, at the same time have strip mute villa elevator, mini wells new backpack, forced to start without counterweight installation. High performance vector control elevator special inverter system, the configuration of intelligent IPM power inverter protection module, processing speed, accuracy and reliability of the control is greatly improved, operation comfort and leveling accuracy are far higher than the general household elevator.

Durable home elevator dedicated host

With the compact structure and superior performance of the exclusive elevator host, its high quality, reliable operation and durability has been verified by time. The advanced elevator forced drive, without heavy, no gear box, small size, easy to install, compared to the traditional hydraulic ladder and traction elevator, saving cost and saving space.

Comfortable and comfortable frequency conversion door machine system

The most advanced variable voltage variable frequency (VVVF) door system has the advantages of light weight and compact structure, which makes the door closed more smoothly and comfortably, and shortens the round-trip cycle of the elevator. Double closed loop control system of current and speed, rotating transformer matching with high performance, to achieve a smooth and efficient opening and closing speed curve, ensure that each switch door can be in strict accordance with the optimum speed curve and strength to achieve the perfect action.

5S experience mode


Global leading creative and experiential sales

We have elevator Experience Hall in the important cities of our country, customers can enter the store to visit our design and feel the comfort and safety of our elevator, which brings unparalleled personal experience.


Self help space combination design

Fuji Seiko villa elevator without room / no weight structure design, greatly optimize the car interior space, give designers unlimited imagination


Consultant type shopping guide service

The use of special advisory guide service, all through strict training, professional can explain a variety of questions about Fuji Seiko villa elevator, in your future purchase, regular maintenance, customer service service and a series of process, always accompany you, give you a specific service.


Integrated engineering service

Fully consider the unity and harmony of the building and elevator, provide a whole set of architectural decoration, car decoration and other overall design scheme, unified layout, greatly saving costs.


Permanent after sales service

From the customer's civil engineering, until the product life span, we will regularly conduct a comprehensive maintenance inspection, to ensure that the elevator is always in a safe state, give you a comprehensive care, so that services everywhere.