Fuji seiko strategic contract Internet e-commerce platform, the online platform, the network of e-co

On August 28, 2017, in the traditional Chinese qixi, suzhou seiko Fuji elevator co., LTD. And anhui tao electronic commerce co., LTD in hefei wanda westin hotel signed strategic cooperation agreement in 2017, and jointly open a new elevator electrical project, careful screening Fuji seiko brand high-end product representative, to China's high-end enterprise, quality villa owners crowd present Fuji seiko brand special technology and product aesthetics.

This cooperation is the Seiko Fuji in the elevator industry is another initiative, not only the first to open a new channel sales platform outside the original B2B sales model of traditional elevator enterprises, but also to new product purchasing experience and assured free customer service service with Internet technology to bring more high-end customers.

Seiko Fuji general manager Xu Lihui said at the signing ceremony, the elevator industry as the traditional B2B industry, heavy assets, single order amount transaction size, the sales process is complex, so that the elevator in the sales model innovation has been very difficult to have a big breakthrough, but also can not be good to embrace the internet. Especially in recent years, whether it is electricity providers, mobile Internet, or the well-known red network economy seems to have nothing to do with our elevator. In fact, in recent years our company has been using Internet technology to continuously improve the company's efficiency in production management, customer service service promotion, use and use of Internet technology, make Fuji Seiko in the "enterprise + Internet" continuous innovation and progress. At the same time, we are also actively exploring this complex technology and lift like complex sales process products through electronic business platform is presented to our end-users, and the material Amoy network cooperation is our common to lift business model exploration, but also hope that both sides have more in-depth cooperation in the future, to achieve common development.

▲Fuji Seiko general manager Xu Hui signing ceremony speech

A brief introduction to Amoy net

Amoy net material enterprises is an important member of Chinese building materials trade logistics sector, the company has decades of rich experience and professional building materials procurement marketing elite team, in recent years Chinese building materials trade in the great leap forward growth at the same time, to achieve the strategic layout, and a number of factories in China to establish a strategic partnership, and the national and regional customers to establish a good business.

▲Amoy network founder Ma Ji speech material

"As China's first architectural service type of electronic business platform, Amoy Wood network is Fuji Seiko elevator in the B2B electricity supplier sales field of the best partner. This cooperation is the extension of the existing business network of Fuji Seiko, and also embodies the enterprise concept of constantly breaking through self and striving for perfection since its establishment. We hope that more people will understand and buy our Fuji Seiko brand elevator through the Internet channels, and share with them the spirit of craftsman conveyed by Fuji Seiko through products." Amoy network founder Ma Ji said.

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