In September, don't forget you

Autumn September,

Soon, another teacher's Day is coming

Teacher's Day is an ordinary Festival, but it has a brilliant connotation,

Teacher's Day is an ordinary day, but it has colorful colors!

The teachers' day, forget you.

This is the teacher's day,

Fuji Seiko

Say a word to the teachers all over the country

Teacher, you worked hard!

You are a diligent gardener

Water us grow

We used to hate them

But now we want to hear their chatter again

Remember what those teachers said?

"After teaching for so many years, I haven't taught you such a bad class!"

(later he knew he said so in every class!)

"Students, this test paper is very simple.""

(I only know 10 points after the exam. It's easy.)

No homework, no writing


When cleaning, "the school is your home.""

When you were late, "you thought the school was your home."!"


It's only two minutes before the class is over. Let's have another finale!

( What is the most basic trust between people? )

Shien unforgettable

Teachers use the power of knowledge to guide us in the direction of life

Teacher's love is long

Teachers use the power of knowledge to encourage us to pursue our inner dreams

Without sunshine, there is no growth of things

Without rain, there is no fragrance of flowers

Without our teacher, there would be no progress or growth for us

Fuji Seiko wishes all the teachers

Happy Teachers'Day

Happy Teacher's Day!