Seiko Fuji elevator in Anhui Ruifeng investment group, to help build eqiao Ruifeng international tea

Recently, Fuji elevator to Seiko Anhui Ruifeng investment group, to help build eqiao Ruifeng international tea bo. Eqiao Ruifeng Bo tea from Anhui Ruifeng investment group, Wuhu Ruifeng Properties Limited development, Seiko Fuji elevator provides the intelligent elevator and escalator to the indoor, tea Bo to provide a safe and comfortable riding environment.

Eqiao Ruifeng international tea Bo from Anhui Ruifeng Investment Group under the Wuhu Ruifeng Properties Limited development, the project is located in Wuhu City Sanshan District Mindanao Town, project planning 1 million square meters, with the concept of international trade market front, the depth of integration of tea and tea related industry, consolidate and enhance eqiao tea market influence. To build a modern international tea, tea, tea, collect the domestic and foreign brands of tea beverage, tea packaging, tea utensils, fine arts and crafts, furniture, high-end tea tea tea gift eight formats, with brand flagship store, exhibition hall, refrigerated storage, global electricity supplier operations, tea culture and leisure Street, star hotel comprehensive that will be built into a set of tea and tea related products wholesale, retail trade, exhibition, brand promotion, e-commerce, business operation, leisure view Light, dining, entertainment, one of the world's top tea industry CBD.

Seiko Fuji elevator and the realization of the project cooperation, to provide convenient safe travel service for tea Bo, transfer of culture Seiko Fuji elevator. The smooth progress of the Seiko Fuji elevator in tea Bo, Seiko Fuji elevator will lead to better integrate into the pattern of tea bo. Fuji Seiko elevator will continue to a high level of technological breakthroughs, continue to lead the industry technology trends, to provide customers with a more secure, intelligent, leading product.